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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Results Driven SEO Performance

We are all well aware that SEO performance is a large part of what makes any website successful. Being able to be found high up in the search results for high traffic keywords means there is a very good chance of getting search engine referrals. Search engine referrals are the best way of generating a good steady stream of traffic from people who are actually looking for whatever you have to offer. And this traffic generally means a higher revenue turnover. I am very proud of the work that I provide to my clients and for confidentiality reasons I do not host a testimonials page within this website. I feel that it is important to keep quiet about the clients that I provide SEO services to and I tend to find that most clients actually quite like this fact. But I am also well aware that people like to see results from any SEO professional and often your reputation is what is going to generate sales within this industry.

Most of my clients know very well that I really like to target high volume keywords and I tend to utilise good on page SEO and smart link building to also get high rankings within the lower volume long tail keywords. I find that the effort in targeting the high volume keywords always pays off very well but sometimes it can take a long time to actually see the results. I class high volume keywords as a minimum of 50,000 searches per month. Each SEO professional will have their own idea of what a high volume keyword is and each niche market is also going to have it’s own versions of what high volume keywords are. I target as my base search engine and again different SEO professionals may only target their own regional version’s of Google. is the major search engine used throughout the world and then each of it’s regional versions follow after it. Like most SEO professionals, I consider the simple fact that has the majority of the search market share so I might as well go for the biggest part of the pie as my primary aim.

Below are some of the results I have achieved over the past few months for a few of my clients coming directly from the complete SEO packages offered here on the website. Again, these are only for high volume keywords and their relevant niche is attached to the images. Every keyword has seen extremely good improvements quite quickly and all have either continually grown or sustained a high ranking through constant link building. You need to remember that as you move higher in the rankings and onto page 1 of Google, the harder it is to continue to rise. The internal competition factor for high volume keywords increases substantially once you get within the top 10 and it becomes harder to advance up the rankings. But it is not impossible to achieve number 1 in any niche market with a lot of hard work, sustained effort and sometimes considerable expenditure.

If you are not seeing the SEO results you would like for your website, get in contact with me and let me see how I can help you!